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Amazon is quietly conquering its own website with a white label strategy similar to Mercadona’s

If something Amazon has taught us is that it is able to reinvent itself according to the times. Its white Solimo brand is proof of this, especially when imitating Nespresso coffee capsules. Curious, at least the similarities with the white Mercadona brand, Hacendado. The company that started with Jeff Bezos…

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Apple acquired a startup specialized in artificial intelligence technologies

Apple has acquired the startup specialized in artificial intelligence technologies and voice assistance, Pullstring. With which it hopes to improve the adoption of Siri and compete with the great leader in the sector of virtual assistants Alexa of Amazon. About Pullstring Pullstring was founded in 2011 by a group of…

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All Amazon is planning for companies: How Alexa is going to help companies

Amazon wants Alexa to be more useful for seniors. It opens up to companies to catch this “business opportunity”. The head of Amazon’s virtual assistant, Max Amordeluso, announced at the MWC in Barcelona that the e-commerce giant is looking for new talents and startups to expand the reach of its…

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Amazon Chile prevented from the name Alexa for virtual assistant

Amazon Chile Amazon has lost in its attempt to register its virtual assistant “Alexa” in Chile. The company admitted the defeat after numerous judicial obstacles. Both the Supreme Court of Chile and the Industrial Property Court (INAPI) prevented Amazon from formally registering its product due to name complications. According to…

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Top 5 trends of CES 2019, the biggest event for businesses of consumer technologies

CES 2019 will focus on innovative technologies (5G, immersive reality and digital confidence) that provide the ultimate in customization and experience for the end user, enabling an ecosystem connected through cities and smart homes and a new generation of cars. Companies will invest more to ensure greater security and privacy…

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