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Amazon Alexa is booming. The reason is here

The reality is that selling more than 100 million of anything is amazing, and Alexa, Amazon’s digital voice assistant, has already surpassed that figure in sales. This, with the CES that is already coming, seems to be the imminent entrance of the power of the voice in the year 2019, which could be the trend in the great electronics fair.

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Before the end of 2018, the most optimistic statistics indicated that by the end of that year, sales of intelligent voice devices could reach 100 million. But again the reality exceeded all expectations and have already sold more than 100 million devices Alexa, in addition to those who have sold Google with its “Assistant”.

According to the information available, more than 150 products are inner constructed in Alexa, with more than 28 thousand devices that can work with Alexa, which are made by more than 4500 different manufacturers. For example, Alexa’s smallest device, the Echo Dot, has been a spectacular success at the end of the holiday season. And although no figures have been given of the quantities sold, it is known that it has exceeded the most optimistic expectations. And we can give this information: those who wanted to buy the third generation Echo Dot at the price of “Black Friday” in the US, Amazon has advised that these buyers can supply them at the end of January 2019. If you request an Echo Dot in the US today, It is most likely that your order will not be processed until the end of February of this year.

Probably Alexa is the next wave of smart electronic devices, which can be connected to other devices so that, via voice, we can turn them on, turn them off, have them do some process, and so on. But for this to be a reality, Amazon has the “Alexa Connect Kit”, which is still previewed by invitation only, but presumably will be available to anyone interested so that the possibilities of the product grow, creating what is already wants to call “environmental computing”, which is nothing more than devices that respond to sensors through voice commands.

Let’s see what happens, although it seems that at CES this will be the trend. We’ll see if we’re right.

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar 🇨🇿 on Unsplash

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