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Google Assistant will soon reach one billion users

Google has made Google Assistant an essential part of its strategy. Therefore, we find the assistant in a huge amount of products of the brand. Also in products of other brands can be used. Something that has allowed a huge international expansion of it. Because in a few days or weeks, it will reach 1,000 million users.

Google Assistant will soon reach one billion users

It was Google itself that announced it at CES 2019. A milestone that makes clear the success of its assistant in this market segment.

Google Assistant is a success

Thanks to this figure, Google Assistant is positioned as the most popular assistant worldwide. It surpasses by far the most direct rival, Alexa, who has to settle for being present on some 100 million devices, including those in which he comes natively. It is clear that the Google assistant has managed to win over users, also those outside of Android.

We can see that many products, such as televisions or speakers, are compatible with the assistant. In addition, in various tests that are done to measure your intelligence, usually comes out well. Also the availability in many languages is a point in their favor.

It has not been mentioned when this figure of one billion users will be reached. But apparently it will be very soon. A huge increase, because in May 2018, there were 500 million users of Google Assistant. So in just over half a year has had a large increase in users worldwide.

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