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Startups: The importance of partnering with AI and other tools

Tech Mahindra has recently stated their collaboration with Atidot, which is an Israel based InsurTech. This firm is one that offers predictive, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools for all major life insurance and annuity companies. This partnership is a very beneficial one as it will…

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appliedAI: A place for AI startups you need to know

Last year in April, UnternehmerTUM introduced its appliedAI initiative. One year later, the initiative has grown to just under 40 partners. IBM is one of them. The goal is to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) more into use in Germany and Europe. About the initiative The appliedAI initiative includes organizations, startups,…

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Amazon, a step ahead in AI: presenting Scout, its first delivery robot

This week, the Amazon online store began Amazon Scout field trials: six six-wheeled robots that will deliver purchases to residents of Snohomish County in Washington. This is reported by the company’s blog. About Amazon Scout For several years, Amazon has been working on the automation of different stages of the…

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The artificial intelligence of Google beats two eSports champions

Artificial intelligence does not stop generating great advances and demonstrating its potential. This week, this type of technology was news as the artificial intelligence tool developed by DeepMind, which belongs to Google, won for the first time two eSports champions (electronic sports). According to Clarín, it was with the strategy…

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