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appliedAI: A place for AI startups you need to know

Last year in April, UnternehmerTUM introduced its appliedAI initiative. One year later, the initiative has grown to just under 40 partners. IBM is one of them. The goal is to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) more into use in Germany and Europe.

About the initiative

The appliedAI initiative includes organizations, startups, entrepreneurs, developers, students and professors. In particular, the initiative aims to communicate the potential of AI to companies. The network helps everyone involved in developing and testing AI applications. At the same time, appliedAI helps to build expertise and access the technology. In particular, IBM plays a major role as a new partner.

“IBM is uniquely positioned to add real value to the appliedAI initiative”. says Alexander Waldmann, Operational Director of the appliedAI initiative.

“Our members have access to state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, workshops, development tools, and industry expertise that will enable the AI business of the future”.

What should companies do?

In particular, companies should be able to introduce AI faster and digitize their processes intelligently. The hybrid multi-cloud environment of the American group supports this because it is analyzable and designed specifically for AI applications.

This is particularly useful for developing and testing AI-based solutions. For example, the applications can create a knowledge graph with millions of documents in just a few hours, and interpret a variety of structured and unstructured data at a rate of thousands of documents per hour. Also, the IBM Watson KI has recently been opened for all cloud platforms, allowing for exchange between different systems.

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