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The artificial intelligence of Google beats two eSports champions

Artificial intelligence does not stop generating great advances and demonstrating its potential. This week, this type of technology was news as the artificial intelligence tool developed by DeepMind, which belongs to Google, won for the first time two eSports champions (electronic sports). According to Clarín, it was with the strategy video game StarCraft II, after several instances of training.

“Through a program called AlphaStar, DeepMind developed a deep network of neural learning trained directly through raw data from StarCraft II, as explained by the Google company in an official statement,” the article said.

Star Craft II is the complex Blizzard game where Google’s artificial intelligence competed

The videogame saga developed by Blizzard is characterized by its complexity and involves a lot of exercise, especially for automatic systems. The tests were made on December 19, where the tool defeated Grzegorz ‘MaNa’ Komincz and Dario ‘TLO’ Wünsch, both partners in the Team Liquid professional team.

The Google algorithm

To train Alpha Star, Google used an algorithm where the tool learned from both human players and other video games developed by the same company. In addition, the software was subjected to a reinforced learning process, where it analyzed the success rate of each strategy and the possible tactics to counterattack. According to the article, only with the StarCraft league, and in 14 days, the program accumulated an experience of more than 200 years of real game.

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