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Learn the tricks of this company to attract millennials

Capital One Cafe is arriving in Tampa, while the financial corporation continues its efforts to win millennial clients with a coffee shop and a bank that does not have ATMs. Attracting young customers With smartphone apps that handle money transfers, rent payments and financial planning, traditional banks are still trying…

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Fintech: Ripple is a topic in the FED, the White House and the World Bank

Even though the ripple (XRP) has recently cooled a bit, XRP’s price performance remains one of the strongest in recent months. All this happens under the guise of Ripple Inc. The startup has launched several products that will facilitate and accelerate the execution of cross-border transactions. As a result, the…

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JPMorgan launches the first cryptocurrency for a major U.S. bank

The American entity thus becomes the first bank to make a strong bet on digital currencies. It will have a restricted use to transactions between large investors, excluding individuals. The US bank JPMorgan Chase announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency, JPM Coin. Which will be indexed on the dollar…

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What is Cuenca and how can it help you make electronic payments?

In Mexico, traditional banking has had difficulties in offering high-level service, especially in the digital age. In fact, only 35% of Mexicans who have a bank account have stated that their bank offers good products and services. In this way fintech have a great potential to improve this problem, and…

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A New York bank is opening accounts for emerging Bermuda encryption companies

Cryptocurrency startups in Bermuda can now open bank accounts in New York. In a press release, the Bermuda Government announced that it is partnering with the Signature Bank based in New York. According to the launch, the agreement will allow Fintech companies in the island nation to access US banking…

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How a Berlin based fintech expanding into more European markets

At a time when many banks are looking to invest in fintech companies, open banking fintech Raisin is taking the road less traveled by buying MHB Bank of Frankfurt. Its longtime service bank. Raisin operates an online marketplace for savings and investments across Europe hoping to grant wider access to…

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