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All you need to know about the meeting between fintechs and banks

Under the slogan “Bank is dead, long live banking”, the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) meets these days in Madrid with FinTechs and representatives of major banks around the world to discuss critical issues for the future of the banking sector, such as, for example, , the need to innovate…

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Munich based fintech helps a German cooperative banking group to digitize

FinTecSystems is one of the leading account information services and smart data providers. Now it is helping the PSD banking group to digitize. The FinTech with BaFin permit provides the condition for the digital banking information to the PSD banks with the account view. Digital bank statement data combined with…

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These are the challenges of the digital transformation of banking

The Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) is holding a meeting in Madrid these days to address the future of the banking sector, at a time when entities around the world are under pressure to tackle digital transformation. Banking moving to digital There is no doubt that banks are devoting a…

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Know all about FinTechs: A new revolution in the financial market

Fintechs are companies that combine the provision of financial services with processes based entirely on technology. They arise from the union between the financial and technological area. You can say that, financial + technology = fintech and thats how they began. And are promoting a true revolution in the financial…

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A Spanish fintech closes one of the largest rounds of financing

A Spanish fintech closes one of the largest rounds of financing in the sector so far. Pagantis, former Digital Origin, has raised 66 million euros from three funds to finance its international expansion. Son Prime Ventures, SPF Investment Management, a recent spin-off of Credit Suisse and Rinkelberg Capital Group. This…

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This Fintech breaks ground and wants to buy Frankfurter Bank

Usually banks buy fintech companies because of their innovations. For once it is the other way around, this bank should now belong to a fintech. They have been working together for a long time, the Berlin Fintech Raisin and the Frankfurt MHB Bank. Because Raisin operates the fixed-term platform Weltsparen,…

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