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Liechtenstein blockchain startup launches first European security token

The Liechtenstein startup edeXa is currently conducting a Security Token Offering (STO), which according to an interview by CEO Daniel Kohler with the ARD on January 15, is the first of its kind in Europe. In the crypto IPO of the startup, which was only founded last October, investors can…

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What are Sandboxes exactly and what should you know?

In recent times, we are meeting with various legislative initiatives linked to entrepreneurship and the digital ecosystem. Some of them intend to contribute to creating a favorable ecosystem that develops technology-based innovation, such as the recent prior consultation of the preliminary draft Law for the Promotion of the Ecosystem of…

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General Motors partners with a Blockchain startup company to fight against identity fraud

General Motors Financial, the financial arm of the vehicle giant, said yesterday that it is partnering with Spring Labs, a company that begins to operate with block chains, in solutions for identity verification. In addition, the new company, which has former Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn on its advisory board,…

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Vienna’s startup started to raise largest seed fund in Europe

 Oliver Holle, CEO of the Vienna VC Speedinvest, announces at a press conference on the upcoming fund Speedinvest that there will be fund raising for startups. Which will be the largest seed fund in Europe, if they manage to raise that.  With a target size of 175 million euros, the venture…

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Fintech startup will use blockchain to boost payment processes

The financial platform has partnered with Oracle to use the Oracle Blockchain platform to improve payment processes and eliminate intermediaries. The association was announced in a press release published on February 12. is a fintech startup based in Europe that offers a payment platform for banks and financial…

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State University Future: School wants to issue university degrees on Blockchain

The University of Bahrain will be issuing diplomas on Blockchain, According to the report, the university will use the open-standard Blockcert solution in collaboration with Learning Machine – a startup that provides a system for issuing verifiable official records in a blockchain-anchored format. The development team of Blockcerts explains: “Blockcerts…

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