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Blockchain and tech: A whole new world of innovation

International Business Machines Corporation, known worldwide with the acronym IBM, is one of the most important companies on the planet. The New York-based company, with nearly half a million employees, manufactures and markets computer hardware and software, offers infrastructure services, Internet hosting, and consulting in a wide range of computer-related areas.

With the emergence of new technologies such as blockchain, IBM, far from being intimidated by this innovation, as it happened with many economists with the arrival of crypto assets, ventured into the issue. It even has its own platform called the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan.

In an interview with exclusively, Carina Spero, Director of the IBM Ecosystem in Argentina explained the virtues of the blockchain applied by the multinational company.

“Blockchain provides a way to eliminate the friction of using intermediaries, and incorporates that trust in the technology base. The transactions are combined into individual ‘blocks’ and each subsequent block in the chain reinforces the verification of the previous blocks, within a discrete network governed by business rules agreed by the network participants”, said Carina Spero.

Carina Spero at the annual conference Annual Conference on “Innovation + Trends”.

How was the work prior to the arrival of this technology? What changed with this process?

Blockchain represents a change in transactions, a step that benefits both businesses and consumers. For example, in the financial industry, blockchain is generating a significant improvement for interbank transaction processes in terms of expenses and times. While a banking institution in Latin America could wait today for a company on the other side of the world to confirm receipt and remit payment, with blockchain, the entire transaction can be completed in a matter of minutes.

How would you catalog the results obtained from your application?

In IBM we believe that blockchain will be for transactions what the Internet was for information, and we have long-standing experience in industry and business to help any client, large or small, to adopt this disruptive technology and transform the way they do business. The agribusiness industry, for example, has enormous growth potential and transformation capacity. One case is that of Agree Market that with its innovative vision, which is accelerating that transformation.

Agree Market is one of the examples of your application?

Agree Market is a venture that is part of Startup with IBM, the company’s program designed to support the development of startups, with free access to technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud and blockchain to solve real problems and create innovative products that reach the faster market. In addition, startups have the knowledge of IBM experts and technical and business mentoring to scale their solutions.

At the forefront of technology and far from seeking against the futuristic advances, IBM as a technology company has a very clear job and with blockchain found a very useful tool to take it.

From improving processes that currently exist to make them more efficient and in less time such as transactions, to supporting companies that are eager to generate changes in the industry or those that seek to provide meaningful solutions that really change people’s lives, IBM this technology Disruptive change people’s lives and the processes in which things are done to improve them.

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