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Translate your brain activity into text (with only a 3% error)

Artificial intelligence systems that can translate our brain activity into text without a word coming out of our mouths are just around the corner. American researchers are refining this method. Scientists from the University of California at San Francisco (United States) explain in a study that it is not science…

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Silicon Valley funds are received ​by startups

Jalisco companies that offer technological solutions are targeted by Silicon Valley investment funds. The big exchanges that previously only invested in the United States, now turn to Latin America, especially to Guadalajara, said Jolynn Vallejo, director of LatinSF, a public-private initiative that connects Latin America with San Francisco, California to…

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A Berlin startup launches a digital assistant for scientists

The Berlin startup LabTwin launches a voice controlled digital assistant for scientists. Researchers can take notes from LabTwin information from anywhere in their lab, collect data, create order lists, and set timers or reminders by talking to LabTwin. As the startup further states, research institutes such as the University of…

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