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How to work remotely. Complete list of best cities

There are more and more digital nomads in the world. Professionals who carry their work in the backpack and who can work from anywhere remotely. Therefore, if you have decided to take the step and work as a digital nomad, as if you already work remotely, here you will find out which are the best cities for digital nomads.

With advances in technology, you can now start a business or a business that works and generates income without having to be present in a specific place. Internet has opened the doors to be able to work from anywhere in the world remotely, and with that, the new digital nomads current and everything that surrounds it has appeared.

With one of these jobs for digital nomads you can work from anywhere in the world. There are people who travel from one place to another with their work in the backpack, others settle down in a specific destination to develop their business and live, know and enjoy the place. This last example has generated cities with greater demand for digital nomads.

Undoubtedly, these cities offer a series of attractions that fascinate young, and not so young, online entrepreneurs to carry out their business remotely and at the same time, enjoy their own time, travel, learn, know, discover …

Cities that stand out for their urban culture, great offer of cultural events, low prices, accessible life, possibility of practicing a specific sport frequently: surfing, diving, kitesurfing …

Below you will find the best cities for digital nomads, which of these cities would you choose if you were a digital nomad? We’d love for you to leave a comment.

The best cities for digital nomads

– Bangkok, Thailand

Without a doubt it is the best city for digital nomads and one of the most demanded places to work remotely. The capital of Thailand offers many possibilities: low cost of living, good food, good quality internet, and coworking spaces where digital nomads meet and work from all countries.

– Chiang Mai, Thailand

Located in northern Thailand, it is another city where digital nomads settle down. Once again, the standard of living is very cheap, it offers a good climate, parties, coworking, good internet connection … which attracts digital nomads from all over the world.

In general, Thailand is the preferred destination of the digital nomads, Bangkok or Chiang Mai, they can stand out from the rest of the cities, however, everyone chooses their place, some prefer to live outside the big cities and look for quieter destinations, and in Thailand there is something for everyone.

– Bali, Indonesia

Talking about Digital Nomads and not mentioning Bali is very strange. Bali, and specifically Ubud, is a unique destination for digital nomads. Coworking overlooking the rice fields, great beaches for surfing regardless of the level you have, good internet connections, nightlife, low prices, tropical climate, options for hiking, yoga … and other water sports. What more could you want?

There are people who travel to this destination for a few days and end up spending months and even years.

– Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a good destination for digital nomads. In fact, together with Berlin, they are the destinations most frequented by professionals who work remotely.

The attractions are its low prices and good standard of living, it is a peaceful destination, with good temperatures if you can not stand the heat of Southeast Asia, the internet is fabulous as well as the sanitary services. In addition, the nightlife in Budapest is known throughout Europe.

– Berlin Germany

Berlin is the cosmopolitan city par excellence of Europe. City of art, urban culture and music. Despite being the capital of Germany, Berlin is not one of the most expensive cities in the country, quite the opposite. If you add quality of life, services, healthcare, places with internet in the city, nightlife, and even the number of startups in this destination, Berlin is one of the cities to have an account if you are a digital nomad. .

– London England

Unlike the destinations mentioned above, the cost of living in this city is the highest, which does not mean it is a good city for digital nomads.

In this city you have coworking and spaces with wifi internet in each corner, you will not have problems to find a suitable place to work remotely. In addition, all this together with the different options offered by London in terms of culture and urban life. On the other hand, it can be an ideal option to improve the level of English.

– San Francisco, California, United States

San Francisco is the mecca of startups, from here most of the major companies that we all know quite well today have left.

Like London, the expenses in this city are high. Of course, the quality of life, the weather (between 18 and 30 degrees), activities in the city, good surfing sites for all levels, opportunities to travel to other nearby destinations in the United States, or meet people fully involved. in the world of Silicon Valley startups will be at your fingertips.

– Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

For the more adventurous, Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam has become an epicenter of digital nomads. The attractiveness of this destination is the same as that of other Southeast Asian countries: tropical climate, low prices, good coworking, good connection and internet spaces and a community and events for digital nomads where you can meet other people who work like you. .

– Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is a busy city with a lot of options for digital nomads. This destination is known for its technological advance mixed with the culture of Southeast Asia that makes it unique.

Prices are low, you do not have to invest a lot of money in accommodation, meals and others, there is an excellent network of coworking and spaces with internet and wifi to work from anywhere, a fantastic nightlife and everything that a great city can offer you .

– Lisbon Portugal

Good climate, affordable prices, fast and reliable internet access, variety of coworking, surfing … make Lisbon one of the best cities for digital nomads to develop their projects and spend a season living and enjoying this European destination.

In fact, in Lisbon several events are held during the year aimed at digital nomads that meet in this city. Lisbon for digital nomads could be summarized in Yoga, Surf and Coworking.

– Wellington, New Zealand

The New Zealand capital is not one of the most economical destinations in the world, however, it has attracted many freelancers to settle in this city.

The internet connection is very good in the capital and coworking spaces abound. Not only digital nomads have settled in Wellington, there are also important digital companies established in the country.

– Tallinn, Estonia

In Eastern Europe, this modern and enterprising city has established the internet as a human right, making it a very attractive destination for digital nomads.

It has a low cost of living, cafes with good connection, excellent work spaces … and of course, the city offers many alternatives to disconnect and have a good time.

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