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“Along the way, technologies are changing, the market is changing direction and sometimes, once a century or so, there is also an epidemic.”

The i3 Equity Partners fund is not afraid to take high-risk investments, provided the company has the potential to change the rules of the game and create a competency gap that will make it more difficult for competitors. Meanwhile, Adam Fischer of Bessemer and Ille Waldman of Melanox are boasting…

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Electric charging station startup is taking over

Business operations and workforce change under the Wirelane roof. The new owner is now planning two product lines for e-cars: charging stations and street lights. The Munich-based charging station developer Wirelane rescues the battered charging station startup Elumninocity from insolvency proceedings. In an asset deal, Wirelane has taken over the…

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A new electric skateboard startup is taking over the old school business

In the US, where founder Laurens Laudowicz grew up, his electric skateboard can be easily driven on streets and in parks. According to his own information, he has already sold just under a thousand pieces of it. For the time being, no approval is in sight for the vehicle in…

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The keys to the revolution of small vehicles in cities. Is the boom coming to LatAm cities?

The revolution of small vehicles in cities aims to solve in a sustainable way the problem of circulation. In various academic investigations, in books and even in a TED talk, the economist Sendhil Mullainathan popularized the concept of the “last mile problem” years ago. Mullainathan currently teaches in Chicago, went…

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Urban Mobility Platform: Uber plans to expand its business with scooters and electric bicycles for short journeys

Uber is studying the possibility of expanding its VTC business (rental cars with driver) to short-haul transport with scooters and electric bicycles, as part of its long-term strategy. The inclusion of these two new means of transport in the Uber service would improve travel within large cities and, in the…

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