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E-scooter startup is now worth over $2 billion

Lime should collect media reports in a new round of financing $ 400 million. Two years after launch, the e-scooter startup would be worth about two billion dollars.

The competing e-scooter startups Bird and Lime are among industry watchers, among the fastest growing companies of all time. According to Bird, Lime could now crack the $ 2 billion mark in the rating. According to media reports, the young company in a new round of financing to collect a total of $ 400 million, as Recode reported.

Investors invest another $ 400 million in lime

The money is therefore paid in two tranches, first 300 million and later again $ 100 million. According to insiders, existing investors are mainly investors. The larger existing lenders include, for example, the well-known venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. New on board could be Bain Capital. Lime has not commented on the reports so far.

The current hype about the e-scooters and the financial possibilities for the lenders illustrate the following figures: Both Lime and Bird have already booked more than ten million trips (as of summer 2018). With each ride on one of the electric scooters, the providers earn an estimated $ 2.92 in revenue.

And: A regularly used e-scooter brings according to calculations of the news site Quartz in the course of its life of four months around $ 1,000 profit. No wonder that even large corporations are interested in the e-scooter business. As potential Lime buyers are traded about Uber and Google mother alphabet.

Uber-daughter Jump Bikes before the start in Berlin Pictures Jump Bikes: To register, your phone number is required. A fee of one euro will be charged for 20 minutes. Each additional minute costs according to offerer under 0.10 euro.

However, there are many risks. In Germany, for example, the use of e-scooters and other small electric vehicles is currently virtually prohibited. In Switzerland, Lime just had to pull out all the rental scooters because of technical problems. In addition, the hype could abate faster than expected.

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