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Tag: Finance

Fintechs are the key of increasing competition in the financial sector

The enterprises that provide financial services supported by technology, known as fintech. Which are key to reach segments unattended by traditional banking. However, for Fernando Sotelino, assistant professor at the School of International Affairs at Columbia University in New York, and former banker in Brazil, these initiatives are key to…

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Fintech: What they are and how your personal finances can help

The arrival and massification of the Internet, the advance of technology added to the inefficiency and the high costs of banking as well as the bankruptcy of some banks like Lehman Brothers, has brought the emergence of a new financial industry called Fintech or Fintek, which applies the technology to…

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Security or utility tokens? The SEC’s FinTech department presents a framework for digital assets

Has the struggle for coherent overseas crypto regulation finally come to an end? A framework recently released by the FinTech division of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) seeks to clarify the question of whether a token is a security. The guidelines provide guidance for evaluating a token according…

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What is the “Fintech Law”?: All about the issue involving open banking and crypto

On March 23, 2017, the draft of a financial technology law was published in Mexico with the intention of regulating the administration, operation, and implementation of companies that wish to offer citizens access to an alternative form of investment and finance. In its initial stage, this project was an early…

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Digital transformation: Change in internal culture is the main challenge in banking

Since a little over four years ago, banking in Peru is going through a process of digital transformation, seeking to bring financial services closer to customers, taking advantage of available technologies. In this sense, El Comercio together with Telefónica and Wayra organized the second edition of the CEO Summit Open…

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