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Email Marketing Software for Fintech Startups

Technology and innovation have always been part of the business world, whether it’s the introduction of debit or credit cards in the 1950s or automatic teller machines, electronic trading floors, finance apps, and high-frequency consumption in the following years. 

The essence behind financial technology changes from project to project, app to app. Some of the newest progress, however, are using machine learning algorithms, blockchain, and data science to do everything from process credit risks to run hedge funds. Actually, there’s now an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance: “fintech”.

How does Fintech work?

The term Fintech (Financial Technology) alludes to software and other modern technologies used by businesses that supply automated and improved financial services. Fast and innovative progress such as mobile payments changed the way we manage our money. Tech-expert clients, especially young people expect money transfer, lending, loan management, and investing to be effortless, secure, and scalable, ideally without the help of a person or the visit of a bank.

Established bank products find themselves progressively displaced and for both businesses and clients banking has largely become more convenient, efficient, and easy to access. Contrastingly to traditional banks, FinTech startups operate flexibly and fast when it comes to implementing new services based on changing demands.

Some examples of FinTech in our daily life are mobile payment apps, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain like Bitcoin.

From this point forward, the range of FinTech services is predicted to transform the market even more with Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and will make FinTech products a fundamental part of our modern life.

In order to fintech startups succeed, email marketing is extraordinarily important at every phase of the sales funnel whether you’re building awareness, nurturing leads, onboarding users, or supporting customers. Using the right email marketing software can feed your funnel and grow your startup.

Here are 5 different email marketing tools for FinTech Startups

  1. Postr

Postr is one of the best free email marketing software that comes with content ready, responsive Free email templates especially for banks, fintech startups, and financial companies. Paid plans start at $25 per month.

The drag-and-drop email builder is perfect for beginners with limited email marketing experience. Sendinblue includes email automation tools so you can create workflows for follow up emails, segment users, and send transactional emails. Using the AI-driven algorithms, you can find the best time to send bulk emails to get the best deliverability.

In addition to the standard features offered by most email marketing services, you can deliver personalized content on a one-to-one basis based on the automated rules we set for each recipient. Run an A/B or multivariate test to optimize your content, layout, or send time. While this isn’t a necessity for your email marketing campaigns, it’s a nice tool to have if you want to send automated, real-time, content-based emails. 

For us, Postr is our recommended option. You can sign up here.

2. ConvertKit 

This email marketing tool enables you to schedule your email sending process in which you can select particular days for delivering your emails.

Not only you can schedule the emails, but also check the sequence of drip emailing using ConvertKit.

You can add patterns to your page design using the wide variety of textures offered by ConvertKit. It’s very easy to set up and use. ConvertKit really shines with their Sequences automated email campaigns that can be used for welcome and indoctrination series and sales funnels.

They are laid out chronologically via email, so you can see the entire sequence and the email content for each. You will also love that ConvertKit includes landing pages and forms that are easily customizable.

3. EngageBay

As an all-in-one marketing suite, EngageBay could present a really good solution to startups looking for inexpensive email marketing.

There’s no need to pay for several programs or integrate several pieces of software. EngageBay offers a slew of features, as it’s the title as an all-in-one marketing suite might indicate. There’s Sales Bay for sales automation, Service Bay for service automation, and Marketing Bay for your marketing need.

With this service, you can browse countless email templates, quickly coming up with one that suits your email campaign needs. You can also create your very own templates so your messages have the kind of personalized approach for more conversions. With email broadcasts, you can mail out your newsletter, relevant offers, and promotions. If you need to send all this at the same time, there’s nothing stopping you.

4. AWeber

AWeber has a wide variety of features like the autoresponder that sends a string of automatically delivered messages.

AWeber also provides segmentation of customers, which is based on their actions.

You can send newsletters that have a professional look using AWeber. This email marketing tool has built 3 mobile applications to provide more ease in the email marketing world.

What you will like best about Aweber is that you can segment your content to different lists with different interests within your marketplace.

You will be able to set up autoresponders for each of your client programs as well as freemium offers. 

5. SendGrid

This is an email marketing solution designed to simplify email campaigns and drive your business to success. Integrate your lead generation form, contact form, or signup form with SendGrid to automatically sync new contact information to your SendGrid contact lists.

This all-in-one transactional and marketing email solution that appeals to both developers and marketers. Very easy to integrate API triggers into external sites/apps and also easy to integrate with 3rd party marketing stack providers.

A full suite of solutions from managing marketing lists to creating campaigns or transactional triggers. The metrics are very expandable, you can view your open rate, clicks, and unsubscribes all in one screen.

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