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FinTech based in Luxembourg offers exposure for other fintechs

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) announces the launch of AXA WF Framlington FinTech. The Fund aims to provide investors with access to the long-term growth potential of the emerging global fintech industry. The AXA WF Framlington FinTech was launched on the back of successful fundraising in Japan, where the strategy…

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Ángel Sierra: “Fintech is financial inclusion, it is better services and, in some cases, cheaper”

First explain to the people what is a fintech? A fintech in this association, because each country and each association has its definition, we understand it as a non-traditional company and leveraged in the technology that provides or contributes to the provision of financial services. Fintech has 13 types of…

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Zurich Fintech secures 120 million in financing round

It’s time for international expansion. A Zurich-based fintech collected a record of 120 million francs in investor funds. Fintech Tradeplus24 (TP24), which was launched in 2016, has completed another round of financing. The company collected a record of 120 million Swiss francs in debt and equity, as in a statement.…

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In addition to N26 – you should also know these German fintechs

In subways and on billboards N26 advertises just offensively for its direct bank offer. Apparently, the banking startup from Berlin has grown so fast that its own marketing department with the comma did not come after. In the ads, it promises “no hidden fees” and “#nobullshit”. Now N26 has collected…

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Look at How Many Millions these European Companies Invested in German Startups

Coparion, Runa Capital, Mobility Fund and Smava founder Artopé are jointly investing seven million euros in the mobility platform Vehiculum. The new financing will increase the investment to around 10 million euros. The Berlin-based company, founded by Melchior Bauer, Guy Moller and Lukas Steinhilber, plans to expand its platform into…

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