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FinTech based in Luxembourg offers exposure for other fintechs

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) announces the launch of AXA WF Framlington FinTech. The Fund aims to provide investors with access to the long-term growth potential of the emerging global fintech industry.

The AXA WF Framlington FinTech was launched on the back of successful fundraising in Japan, where the strategy saw inflows of nearly $ 1 billion. This was followed by the re-branding and relocation of the investment focus of settling UK,AXA Framlington Financial. Which was renamed AXA Framlington FinTech. The fund is settled in Luxembourg and is managed by Vincent Vinatier.

AXA WF Framlington FinTech aims to invest globally in a concentrated portfolio of 40 to 60 companies. AXA IM has identified three key topics with high growth potential that offer opportunities along the entire fintech value chain.

Cashless society

People around the world are increasingly paying digitally, ultimately leading to a cashless society.

Innovation leader

Many established finance companies are leading the transformation of the financial services industry using technology to serve their large customer base.

Technology Enabler

Enablers provide the technology needed to support and develop the digital footprint of fintech companies across multiple channels and devices, including cybersecurity and regulatory technology.

“Technological change is changing many aspects of our lives and actions. This applies in particular to financial services. Innovations in finance technology such as mobile banking, digital payments, big data, and analytics are heralding the beginning of a new era and influencing the daily use of our money, “commented Vincent Vinatier, fund manager of AXA WF Framlington FinTech. With the fund, the expert wants to use the performance of the expanding global fintech market. It invests in a concentrated portfolio of companies with high growth potential and technological innovation to further develop and improve their financial services.

AXA WF Framlington FinTech is part of the Evolving Economy AXA IM fund range, which focuses on five key themes: Automation, Connected Consumer, Aging and Lifestyle, CleanTech and Transitioning Societies are the topics that AXA IM believes will continue to shape the way.

Research to improve financial transactions

“AXA IM has conducted extensive research on how consumer behavior is changing. We have seen that the number of daily financial transactions has steadily increased in recent years and digital payments are becoming more and more like a routine. As this pace of innovation increases, customers expect to be able to conduct secure financial transactions anywhere, anytime, on any platform. This is an exciting industry change we have committed ourselves to, “said Matthew Lovatt, Global Head of Framlington Equities at AXA IM, on positioning the fund within the AXA IM Evolving Economy.

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