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Tag: German Startups

9 recently successful startups you should know about

Every day, new startups are emerging everywhere in the country. Once again, presents a number of very young startups that have recently launched. In the past few weeks and months, as well as some young companies that have recently made headlines for the first time. Spanflug With Spanflug Adrian…

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The German tech startups that received billions since their foundation

According to a study, the 100 largest tech startups in Germany have received billions since their foundation. As a result, access to risk capital improves. With a total of $ 8.1 billion, venture capitalists have helped grow the 100 largest German tech startups since inception. The most heavily funded young…

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Swiss digital insurance company interested in a German fintech

Like few other insurers, Baloise is committed to a digitization strategy and invests in a wide variety of startups. The latest engagement in the founding scene of Berlin makes sense. Two years ago, Baloise founded a fintech in Mitte of Berlin, which specializes in digital car insurance. As was heard…

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Scooter startups continue to triumph in Germany

The scooter fight in Europe continues to heat up. Flash, the startup of delivery hero maker Lukasz Gadowski, until recently called Goflash, announces a € 55 million financing round. Gadowski is investing its own money, and Target Global’s mobility fund. French investor IDinvest and Signals from Berlin have also joined.…

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