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Innovative startup ideas: Learn from this case to know which audience you are dealing with

Ingo Nassau does not give up. Dozens of times, the 54-year-old has already blown off the purchasing managers of supermarkets and discounters in Germany. “Such a nonsense, but no one buys,” gets the sales expert from the Ruhr regularly heard. And the advice that he should finally come up with…

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Learn from this innovative family startup and take ideas for yours

It works best with the family. According to this motto, the sisters Imke of Johnston (35) and Janka Oeljeschlager (32) founded the Hamburg startup Hey Honey in 2015 for colorful printed yoga clothing. The brand is known mainly in German city dwellers, most customers come from Hamburg until today. For…

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Brutkasten: innovating the job-finding platforms

With the new job platform, brutkasten helps to find jobs in startups and innovative companies. There is also a counseling service for employers. With its job platform for startups, smart brands and the innovative economy, brutka’s innovation and business medium strengthens its comprehensive multichannel strategy, thus providing its community with…

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The Swiss Fintech market is growing faster than ever before

The Swiss fintech sector continues to enjoy very good conditions, write Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Ankenbrand, Prof. dr. Andreas Dietrich and Denis Bieri from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. “In the global fintech hub ranking, the cities of Zurich and Geneva continue to be ranked 2 and 3 respectively,”…

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How to become one of the most innovative startups on the market

The magazine “The Hundert” comes from Berlin and deals extensively with the startup scene. In 2013, the first issue was published, in which 100 startups from Berlin were presented. The following issues also introduce different startups around the world – including the founders behind the companies. Now, in November 2018,…

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A new startup company is developing an innovative laundry service

The home laundry and dry cleaning app received an investment of 12 million dollars to expand all over the world, starting with Latin America and Asia. Can you imagine washing and ironing your clothes with a single click? Spanish startup Mr Jeff makes laundry and dry cleaning at home through…

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