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How to become one of the most innovative startups on the market

The magazine “The Hundert” comes from Berlin and deals extensively with the startup scene. In 2013, the first issue was published, in which 100 startups from Berlin were presented. The following issues also introduce different startups around the world – including the founders behind the companies.

Now, in November 2018, the eleventh issue of “The Hundert” was published. Presented here are the 100 most innovative startups from all over Germany.

42 experts – including well-known investors such as Frank Thelen – chose the 100 most interesting ones out of 650 startups. Startups from 40 different industries were nominated.

Requirements for the application was that the startups may not be older than four years old and have their headquarters in Germany or at least were founded here. From the companies that met the conditions, the 100 startups with the most innovative business ideas and models were selected.

Each of the 100 selected winner startups will be given a double page in the new magazine, which will feature pictures of the company as well as interviews and comments.

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