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Follow the Amazon model to your startup site: Trademarks forced to change their business models

For nobody is a secret that Amazon grows as a foam in the field of digital advertising. According to eMarketer, the e-commerce giant will see its advertising business grow by 50 percent in just one year. Its market share will go from 6.8 percent to 8.8 percent this year. In…

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How be successful in your business? Learn from the richest men in the world

Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, occupies the first place in the list of millionaires of the magazine Forbes, where also they emphasize 11 Latin American industralists in the first 100 places. Exceed Bill Gates With a fortune valued at $ 131 billion, according to Forbes magazine, Bezos remains the…

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Why does Jeff Bezos want to invest in this startup?

The Chilean startup that became famous for applying algorithms and artificial intelligence to food has the financial support of the richest man in the world. No more no less. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, is one of the firm’s investors Bezos Expeditions, The Craftory, Kaszek Ventures and IndieBio will provide US…

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How to avoid a war with your employees: Learn from the Amazon case

Five months have passed since the trial between Amazon and the workers of the logistics center of San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) set its start date. However, the request of a judge, who demanded more clarity from the demands of the employees, has delayed the start of the process until…

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Amazon suspends its plans to make its headquarters in New York

Amazon, the famous e-tailer of Jeff Bezos, has announced that it would not open its new headquarters in New York. This is due to opposition from local politicians. Electronic commerce (in its different variants such as m-commerce or social commerce) continues to expand and position itself in the world market.…

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Amazon Chile prevented from the name Alexa for virtual assistant

Amazon Chile Amazon has lost in its attempt to register its virtual assistant “Alexa” in Chile. The company admitted the defeat after numerous judicial obstacles. Both the Supreme Court of Chile and the Industrial Property Court (INAPI) prevented Amazon from formally registering its product due to name complications. According to…

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