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Why does Jeff Bezos want to invest in this startup?

The Chilean startup that became famous for applying algorithms and artificial intelligence to food has the financial support of the richest man in the world. No more no less.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, is one of the firm’s investors

Bezos Expeditions, The Craftory, Kaszek Ventures and IndieBio will provide US $ 30 million to NotCo to help finance the development of new products and support the expansion of the startup in markets such as Mexico and the US.

It is an injection of key resources. The Not Company started with its own capital and in less than two years managed to raise US $ 3 million, mainly from Kaszek Ventures (the founders of Mercado Libre) and from IndieBio, the most important biotechnology accelerator in Silicon Valley.

Thanks to a complex computer program, the company The Not Company (NotCo) is becoming one of the symbols of a new economy, which, according to Muchnick, CEO and co-founder of the startup, aims to tear down the way in which they are manufactured. foods.

From Latin America to the world

The Chilean startup has aroused the interest of many and in many parts of the world, and have been worth articles in the BBC, Al Jazeera, Business Insider and -which is the most valued Muchnick- TechCrunch.

2018 was an excellent year for NotCo (The Not Company). Of 14 people who had in January, they reached 60 in December. And to sell their Not Mayo only in Chile, they are already arriving in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and opening operations in Mexico and the US.

What is making it popular

The key to this startup is not to create food products without gluten, lactose, soy, sugar or fat, but in complex algorithms and an artificial intelligence model that improves products.

Everything comes together in a software called “Guiseppe”. In conversation with Pulso at the beginning of the year, Muchnick affirmed without blinking that they want to “tear down the current way of how food is made in the world”.

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