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Charlotte Hogg, VISA CEO: The era of invisible payments

Charlotte Hogg, the head of the Visa business in Europe, is the quintessential British establishment. His grandfather, Viscount Hailsham, was first Lord of the Admiralty, his father, Douglas, served as Minister of Agriculture in the Government of John Major, and his mother, Sarah, who has the Baroness treatment, was the…

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London-born online accommodation startup raises $10M funding

London-based online student accommodation startup has recently got funding of $10 million by Chinese-owned CITIC Group as part of its Series C+ round. With this, has been able to raise $80 million to date. The CITIC group involves investors such as VY Capital, Li Ka-Shing’s Horizons Ventures, Expa,…

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Speedvesting turning into the most appropriate option for startups seeking growth

The venture capital fund Speedinvest, headquartered in Vienna, launches a new investment fund. “Speedinvest 3” aims at 175 million euros by the end of 2019. It invests in European start-ups from the fields of Deeptech, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0. “The capital will not only come from Austria but…

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Are crypto exchange and stock exchange the same?London technology applied to Hong Kong market

LSEG Technology, the technology solutions provider for the London Stock Exchange Group, has announced that its matching engine will be used to operate a new digital asset exchange in Hong Kong. This was announced in a press release by LSEG Technology on January 22nd. The digital assets exchange, called AAX,…

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Urban Mobility Platform: Uber plans to expand its business with scooters and electric bicycles for short journeys

Uber is studying the possibility of expanding its VTC business (rental cars with driver) to short-haul transport with scooters and electric bicycles, as part of its long-term strategy. The inclusion of these two new means of transport in the Uber service would improve travel within large cities and, in the…

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Use Dark patterns to improve your conversions. This is how E-commerce giants trick us with a cheat web design

Startups should learn from big and established companies . Dark Patterns is other thing that startups can apply to improve his businesses. Dark Patterns I have a challenge for you, dear readers: try to find in less than a minute the option to close the Amazon account. It is not…

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