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Looking For The Closing Price Of Copper? This API Is For You

If you’ve been looking for an API to help you get the latest data on the current or closing price of metals like copper and more then check this one out.

There is no doubt that copper is among the ranks of metals that find many uses. For instance, it’s mainly used for wiring and construction. This is because copper conducts both heat and electricity very well, and can be used into wires. On the other hand, in construction, it’s used for plumbing and roofing most of the time.

Given that, one can understand that copper is a type of metal with a high-trade value. Either by companies, groups, resellers or individuals, it has a high demand. However, if one is looking to purchase any amount of copper it is important to know the latest price of it.

But, while one can find out the price by searching from different sources; you may wonder if there is an easy way to get this data? Well, with an API that is possible! API or Application Programming Interface is a type of technology which can greatly aid to get data across operating systems. APIs can specialize in different types of data so for precious metals there are bound to be some that can help.

Looking For The Closing Price Of Copper? This API Is For You

Which API Can I Use?

Many find Metals API to be the greatest option when looking for data and prices. This website has a simple yet effective and useful system. It can research current metal prices, currency movements, conversion rates, fluctuations, and much more. It works greatly and delivers accurate and reliable data. You may get a better idea of what this API has to offer from the main page.

Now, let’s break down how Metals API works into a few steps to make it easier to understand. Firstly, you access the API endpoints, which is done by using an account and the given Access Key. Then, you can find the endpoint in the Documentation Page. Once there, copy the endpoint, fill in any required parameters like the key, and then press “run” to send a call to the API.

After you make a call Metals API returns you a response which has the details to what the endpoint asked for. You can safely use this site to search up the price, both current and historical, of metals like copper or lead, even gold and more. As long as you have an account you can get that information and more with this great API.

Looking For The Closing Price Of Copper? This API Is For You

What Do I Need To Do To Get The Latest Price Of Copper?

In order to get the closing value of copper, or any other metal, you need to head to the Documentation Page. Metals API supports and searches for many types of metals so it’s important that you have the symbol for the metal to get a better result, in this case copper.

In the documentation page you find the Latest Rates endpoint, copy it, fill it with the Access Key, complete the optional string of the symbol of the metal and hit “run”. Just like that you’ll get the price of copper in no time. For any doubt refer to the Documentation Page itself and see the detailed guide on how to do it as well as how to integrate Metals API into programming languages such as; Python, JavaScript and PHP.

With your account on Metals API you can make up to 50 calls each month. Nonetheless, in case you need or want more just head over to the pricing page and see the many upgrade plans available. These are all in USD and can greatly help you plan how you use the API; you can reach over 1.000.000 calls and more!

Use Metals API now and you can get precise data on the closing price of copper and much more!

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