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Fast growing: Welser startup Nogis takes over its own logistics partner

Nogis manufactures televisions that are considered as monitors due to the lack of broadcast technology and thus are GIS-free. Now the company announces the takeover of its previous logistics partner Lalotra. The Brutkasten spoke to the founders Thomas Höffinger and Andreas Hackl about the second pillar and to what extent…

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Look at How Many Millions these European Companies Invested in German Startups

Coparion, Runa Capital, Mobility Fund and Smava founder Artopé are jointly investing seven million euros in the mobility platform Vehiculum. The new financing will increase the investment to around 10 million euros. The Berlin-based company, founded by Melchior Bauer, Guy Moller and Lukas Steinhilber, plans to expand its platform into…

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