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Fast growing: Welser startup Nogis takes over its own logistics partner

Nogis manufactures televisions that are considered as monitors due to the lack of broadcast technology and thus are GIS-free. Now the company announces the takeover of its previous logistics partner Lalotra. The Brutkasten spoke to the founders Thomas Höffinger and Andreas Hackl about the second pillar and to what extent their experience in the field of other startups can help.

The Upper Austrian startup Nogis of Andreas Hackl and Thomas Höffinger was founded to contest the broadcasting fee (the Brutkasten reported). Now the company lets us know that they take over the previous logistics partner Lalotra.

The idea behind this: Nogis would like to support other startups and webshop operators in the future as fulfillment partners and open up a new business area for themselves.

A complete system for startups

“We know from our own experience that every little thing about logistics costs a lot of time and effort for young startups. However, business leaders should focus on their core product and invest time in development and marketing. That’s why we want to offer a complete system for other startups, from the receipt of goods to the delivery of goods, “says Höffinger.

“Step by Step” in the direction of logistics

The main business continues to be the development of monitors, but one would now like to go “step by step” in the direction of the logistics company, says the founder. “We are dependent on the law and do not know whether the GIS will still exist in 30 years.” However, the still young and new business segment has already been filled by a prominent customer, Intersport Austria. In the future, however, one would like to primarily make startups available, as both founders emphasize.

Planned for this year’s surprises

“We are very grateful for the success we have with Nogis. But we also know that such a development is only possible with a satisfied team and reliable suppliers “, says Andreas Hackl, who indicates that this year’s expansion of the product portfolio, the launch of a logistics solution and further” surprises of the company “are pending.

Top sellers out of stock

As for the core business – the sale of the monitors (more than 4,000 units sold) – the two founders acknowledge that they have been “overwhelmed” by Christmas demand. “Our warehouse was ‘looted’ and our top-seller product, the 55-inch monitor, is currently no longer available,” says Höffinger. “In four weeks, however, another 1,500 devices will be available again.” The remaining three product variants are still available.

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