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Look at How Many Millions these European Companies Invested in German Startups

Coparion, Runa Capital, Mobility Fund and Smava founder Artopé are jointly investing seven million euros in the mobility platform Vehiculum. The new financing will increase the investment to around 10 million euros. The Berlin-based company, founded by Melchior Bauer, Guy Moller and Lukas Steinhilber, plans to expand its platform into a one-stop shop for customers who want to pay their car in monthly installments, whether by subscription, by leasing or as a rental car.

15 millions for Nexiot

SVC AG for venture capital for SMEs, a Credit Suisse investment vehicle and the Swiss insurance company Mobiliar are investing CHF 15 million (EUR 13.2 million) in Nexiot, a provider of solutions for supply chain digitalization. The Swiss company was founded in 2015 as a spin-off company of ETH Zurich.

Banovo with an investment equal to the sales it had in 2018

HW Capital, WenVest, DQuadrat Equity Partner, Founder of Home24 and McMakler Felix Jahn and Apollocapital invested a total of 6 million euros in the Munich startup Banovo. The bath renovator was founded in 2015 by Mareike Wächter and Michael Dreimann. In 2018 sales amounted to 6 million euros.

Israeli startup becomes a leading cybersecurity provider against fraud prevention

The Berlin company Adjust, a provider against fraud prevention and marketing partners for Facebook, Google, and Twitter, takes over 2015 startup founded by Yaron Oliker and Alon Dayan and based in Tel Aviv cybersecurity and AI startup Unbotify. The Israeli technology startup develops solutions that analyze human behavior patterns when interacting with web and mobile applications and can differentiate between bots and human users.

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