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Tag: Python

Google Maps and AI: What’s the future of Google’s flagship application?

Simultaneous localization and mapping, better known as SLAM, and using Google Maps, has been a massive approach in terms of technological development. This in companies that depend to a large extent on applications related to automatic piloting, such as TESLA and Volvo. The SLAM that uses Google Maps is a…

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Arbitrage of cryptocurrencies: What I have learned from my experiences

Lately, many posts have been talking about how traders get rich because of the arbitrage opportunities in the crypto market. I have tried arbitration for months, but I could never get a profitable strategy. However, I will tell you about the problems I encountered while trying. This can be beneficial…

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Cloud is the #1 skill most demanded in LinkedIn. Bonus: Top 25 most demanded skills

Linkedin has created a list with the 25 most demanded skills in its platform. So if you are thinking of expanding your training, we recommend that the course you do is related to one of the following points that make up the ranking. With the introduction of new technologies in…

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