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Listen up, businesses: Google Maps and Waze are updated to integrate with Siri and Carplay

We all know that Apple costs a world to open its ecosystem to other companies and applications and that only when it is very clear (or it feels like it) is it when it opens its hand and lets others enter to graze in their own fields. And thanks to…

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Apple buys another AI startup to make Siri better

Apple has taken over the AI startup Laserlike. The technology of the provider should benefit especially Siri. With Laserlike Apple has taken over the end of 2018, a small California machine learning startup. This reports the information, citing insiders. Laserlike was founded four years ago by three former Google developers.…

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Apple acquired a startup specialized in artificial intelligence technologies

Apple has acquired the startup specialized in artificial intelligence technologies and voice assistance, Pullstring. With which it hopes to improve the adoption of Siri and compete with the great leader in the sector of virtual assistants Alexa of Amazon. About Pullstring Pullstring was founded in 2011 by a group of…

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Big companies are joining startups: Apple buys PullString for speech applications

Apple has purchased a San Francisco-based startup focused on developing and publishing voice applications. Pullstring is the name of the startup. For Apple, it could be an important factor in Siri’s improvement and also bridge the gap with Amazon Alexa. An improvement for Siri The acquisition of PullString could play…

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The Google assistant will scan your face to customize actions

One of the most interesting features on Android phones is the Google Assistant. The intelligent service of the American company has ginned to be 1 of the most complete, competing directly with Siri,  Apple and Alexa from Amazon. Google continues integrating features to its assistant, which is already current on…

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AI in Hospitality Industry: The hotels are already testing their robot concierge

Get ahead of the requests. The hotel industry bases a large part of its future projection on this objective. To achieve it is including more and more artificial intelligence in your business. It’s been a while since the robots entered the hotels; in 2016 Marriott had already launched with a…

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