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Listen up, businesses: Google Maps and Waze are updated to integrate with Siri and Carplay

We all know that Apple costs a world to open its ecosystem to other companies and applications and that only when it is very clear (or it feels like it) is it when it opens its hand and lets others enter to graze in their own fields. And thanks to iOS 13 now available, new applications can be integrated with Siri to obtain information or, as in this case, navigation routes.

It was in the past WWDC of Apple where they released this functionality that allows Siri to work with other platforms such as Waze or Google Maps. Keep in mind that until now, when we said “Hey Siri, give me directions to go home”, the application that opened by default was Apple Maps. So if you liked others more, you had to stop the car, put the address by hand and resume the march.

Full integration with the wizard

So, the arrival of iOS 13 means that, finally, we can do the same but with Google Maps and Waze, both on our iPhone connected to the car, and the car system itself if it is Carplay.

These updates from Google Maps and Waze are available in the App Store and, unless you do not have automatic updates activated, it will appear available the next time you enter the car and want to go somewhere with the help of browsers. Google (remember that Waze was bought by Mountain View in 2013).

The two updates

With the two updated apps in your terminal (and with iOS 13 already running), you can give orders from the assistant to go wherever you want by choosing a specific application. That is to say, if you simply say “Hey Siri, give me directions to go home” the Apple Maps application will open by default, but if we want you to use another one, then that is when you have to add a bullet. For example:

“Hey Siri, give me directions to go home with Google Maps”

“Hey Siri, give me directions to go home with Waze”

In this way, we are already directing the assistant to use our preferred application compared to the one configured by default. The same will happen with Carplay if we have it available in our car. As is often said in these cases, “it is never too late if joy comes.” And finally Apple has opened up to allow Siri to work with other platforms and apps, at least, as far as car browsers are concerned.

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