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The Google assistant will scan your face to customize actions

One of the most interesting features on Android phones is the Google Assistant. The intelligent service of the American company has ginned to be 1 of the most complete, competing directly with Siri,  Apple and Alexa from Amazon. Google continues integrating features to its assistant, which is already current on most Android phones. It was insufficient we saw as the subject changed to a dark way. Now, we know more news that could come soon. Google Assistant could take advantage of facial recognition.

The latest beta

This is revealed by the latest beta of the app of Google for Android, where there have been indications of this feature. The assistant would be able to recognize our face by facial recognition of the artifact to show us personalized effects. For example, if we have a smart camera screen,  Google would recognize our face to present our notifications or calendar events. The function is called ‘Face Mach’. It would work in a similar way to ‘Voice Mach’ that is already used to awaken the Assistant. The recognition returns when the leaks are pronounced on a global support of this style of unlocking in  Android Q, the next version of Android.

Face Mach would arrive later

For the moment we do not know more information, but it is expected that this function will also be used according to accessibility style for individuals who can not speak. By recognizing the face, the assistant could present the personalized effects without the need for the individual to speak or write. It seems that this feature will come later, since a camera is needed for Google to recognize our face. In the phones it does not make much sense, since we have a specific sum and in too many occasions, a password. Therefore, this function would reach precisely the smart screens. Maybe we will look at it later, when even the current company itself a Google Home with camera.

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