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The Startup Nation, Israel in trouble: an opportunity for new countries?

Israel is known as the “Startup Nation” because of the number of technological enterprises that emerged in the country of only 9 million inhabitants. This title came even without the gigantic investments of more than US $ 100 million that flood other poles like Silicon Valley thanks to the impulses…

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Tech entrepreneurs: opportunities await startups in technology fields

The accompaniment of accelerators makes more projects become successful because they provide support to jump obstacles. Many countries are generating technology-based companies in scale and this is the beginning of a transformation for the region. Although less than a decade ago the explosion of tech startups began, Latin America already…

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The impressing number of startups interested in robotics innovation

The sales figures for industrial robots are rising. According to the new World Robotics Report, annual sales increased by 114 percent between 2013 and 2017. In 2017 alone, more than 381,000 factory robots were sold for a total of $ 16.2 billion. By contrast, the market for household robots is…

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Important changes in bitcoin but not enough yet for startups and businesses

The value of Bitcoin has fallen by three quarters this year, sending the original crypto-currency and the largest one back to levels not seen before its bubble. And the price is not the only aspect of the trading that has changed. Retail investors responsible for the rapid rise of bitcoin…

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Smartrac: Partnership with a Blockchain startup

JP Morgan-backed digital services company Smartrac has partnered with SUKU Ecosystem. This is a blockchain startup owned by former senior Deloitte director Eric Piscini. SUKU, which is managed by another Piscini-owned blockchain company, Citizen Reserve, will provide its platform for integration into the Smartrac supply chain. Smartrac is a manufacturer…

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Financial mentoring meetings for startups

Executives from the country’s leading public-private financial institutions met at the “Fintech Talk II”, training meetings organized this year by the Dominican Association of Fintech Enterprises (AdoFinTech), the Specialized Institute of Research and Information in Legal Sciences ( OMG Institute) and the British Embassy. In the event, Belkis Guerrero Villalona,…

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