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Tag: startups

Best 7 fintechs that are improving the economic condition of Peru

Fintech is a new financial system that applies the advances of technology to improve and enhance economic activities, obtaining a better result of them. It is a set of technological tools aimed at the efficient and agile management of finance and business. In Peru these tools are being implemented in…

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Startups in numbers: Which country has the most?

Recall that a startup is a young company that bases its operation on technology and, therefore, has the potential to grow easily and quickly. There are emblematic cases of companies that were once of this type and that have revolutionized industries, such as film (Nextflix), hotel (Airbnb), transport (Uber), telecommunications…

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BMW and Daimler created a new mobility startup

So it actually happened. The mobility providers BMW and Daimler today announce the merger of their mobility services. Both companies will invest € 1 billion over the next few years to further expand their existing carsharing, ride-sailing, parking, charging and multi-modality offerings. What services does this joint venture between BMW…

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German InsurTech companies are getting more popular than ever

German InsurTech companies were more popular with investors than ever before in 2018. More than $ 173 million was invested in startups in the digital insurance industry, according to the findings of an InsurTech funding study by Finanzchef24. Digital direct insurers received the most investments Especially digital direct insurers aroused…

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A startup story to get inspired: “In 2019 we want to become Europe’s market leader with eversign”

The two brothers Julian and Paul Zehetmayr founded the software company apilayer in 2015, which also includes eversign – a leading platform for the digital signing of documents. In March, they announced the acquisition of the US platform “Docracy”, which offers templates for contracts. We spoke with the two Viennese…

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