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Startups, SMEs and multinationals: Where are they in the tech scale?

The VI edition of Openexpo Europe presents the latest innovations in open technological innovation in Europe that will mark the future of the digital economy. The incorporation of technological advances in companies is creating a new business ecosystem in the world Normally companies are classified by size, however, thanks to…

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Who said it?: “Google, Facebook and the fintech are going to eat the toast to the bank”

Demium is dedicated to incubate the best internet businesses for the Spanish market. Since 2013, it has managed to get 37 of the 40 companies they created to survive. Singularu, Citibox or Cuidum are some of his most recognized successes. His name is Jorge Dobón (Madrid, 1989) and he is…

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Incubator tech2b: “The startups here can compete internationally with us”

Runtastic, Tractive, Surgebright, My Donkey, Pixelrunner, Payolution, Robart or rudy games: The list of start-ups that have been in the upper Austrian startup incubator tech2b is long and prominently occupied. Founding consultant Raphael Friedl has been one of those employees for five years who supports the founders with words and…

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Founding an efficent startup: The Caru case

A small digital friend for Grosi Thomas Helbling from Frauenfeld and her colleague have developed a device that will enable the elderly to live longer independently at home. The electronic helper even understands words like “help”. Ida Sandl Frauenfelder Thomas Helbling has founded a successful start-up company in Zurich. His…

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Supporting entrepreneurs: How good is the CNP Start program?

CNP Partners has launched the second call of the CNP Start program, an initiative to support entrepreneurs. About the program The program offers a year’s worth of projects or startups with an economic aid of 10,000 euros, a physical space at the offices of CNP Partners in Madrid, access to technological…

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From 0 to 100: That’s how startups celebrate fulminant sales successes

The stepchild of many startups: sales Founders often have to do a thousand things at the same time. But without customers, even the most revolutionary century product sells only with difficulty. And despite this undeniable fact, the development of an appropriate distribution structure is not high on the agenda for…

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