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Competition in big tech: Microsoft does not want its employees to use rival services

Competition is nothing new in the technology sector, where companies make a living by copying and improving the products of others. At Microsoft the situation is similar, except for one difference: the company has a list of “prohibited technologies and technologies that are not advisable”, and it continues to grow.…

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3 really disruptive startups revolutionize business models

Disruptive startups of innovative founders trigger fundamental reforms in their industry. To be truly disruptive, it takes a groundbreaking and original business model, as well as ambitious and motivated minds to successfully put this idea into action with their new approach. A disruptive startup with its innovative business model displaces…

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This Indian startup was so good at GPU development Intel had to buy it

The experience in the development of SoCs Intel should help with its own graphics chips: The CPU manufacturer has taken over Ineda Systems, an Indian startup. Intel already has thousands of employees in India. Intel has acquired Indian startup Ineda Systems, based in Hyderabad, for an unknown amount. The Times…

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A great business opportunity for startups: disruption in fintech

A few months ago the number of Internet users exceeded 4,000 million people on the planet, which was at that time 53% of the world’s population. According to the report published in February ‘Digital in 2018’ of the social network administration platform Hootsuite, these figures had increased by 7% in…

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What do you need to know to success in fintech in Latin America?

The digitalization of banking is a phenomenon that has been growing strongly. Even many of the banks have felt threatened by Latin American startups that want to offer diverse alternatives to the millennial market. To clarify the current situation, Dr. Elisa Piedrahita, dean of Financial Engineering at the Piloto University,…

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