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Vitecoin prepares its launch in Mauritius

Vitecoin (VT) prepares the premiere after a successful private Beta in Mauritius, with more than 1000 participants. The successful figure of a thousand people was part of the test of fire for Vite.

Vitecoin prepares the premiere after a successful private Beta in Mauritius. Moving safely and affordably is a constant need among citizens, but public transport is fundamentally damaged and can no longer meet demand. The centralization of industrial jobs together with the limited space in cities requires rapid and scalable transportation services. Cities have ostensibly grown more than services and staff.

Therefore, the test had to be done with a significant number of participants. Local taxis have found a clear competitor. The services of shared trips have contributed the plan B to the habitual users of the taxi. The new applications have provided tools to customers to evaluate and recommend globally; raising the level of service demand. For insecure or unmoral drivers there is no place. It is known that in all sectors, monopolies do not favor the true users of a service. They offer a poor and sometimes abusive client experience.

Vite Technologies completed the launch of beta and interesting international agreements. A few weeks after its official premiere, we reviewed some details of the last months. The proposed model for shared-travel services can be the key to success for Vitecoin. The updated beta application is currently available on Android and iOS.

The more than 150 emerging cities studied by Vite’s team reveal a massive growth; the growing population, needs fast and effective services to prosper. The scope of services such as that offered by Vite is scarce or non-existent in these types of cities. The shared trips have shown great acceptance and have become necessary. Cities with a population of more than one million that currently do not have access to shared-travel services find a candidate.

Vitecoin digitizes p2p payments in shared-travel services

Vite brings innovation in the sector’s economy model, through the app supported by Blockchain. Providing a secure and instantaneous payment model from the start is the work of the Vitecoin token. At the international level, a digital transformation is underway and physical money is being replaced by digital cash, improving traceability. The VT token issued by Vite Technologies addresses this digitization making it easy for drivers and passengers. The Vite Technologies team defines its ecosystem in the following way:

The Vite application, available on Android and iOS, is a mobile application that facilitates the exchange of trips between peers. Connecting by pressing the button to passengers who need a trip with drivers who have a car. Vite Technologies

After the sale of the Vitecoin token (VT)

Once the ICO is finished, the team begins to take the usual first steps. The distribution of the token to investors and collaborators in a timely manner is important. In turn, the team issued a statement to the community and investors. Pointing out a successful initial phase, efforts are focused on filing the details for the start-up of the services and the listing in exchanges. The VT will be distributed to the parties as an ERC20 token soon.

All chips not sold will be burned, respecting the times and commitments indicated in the foundation documentation. Undoubtedly an ecosystem in which to put our eyes during the next quarters of 2019. Perhaps a new unicorn of the services sector has just been born. Let’s review in detail the commitment to digitize the sector designed by Vite.

Vitecoin takes off by tokenizing shared trips in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

The founding nucleus of Vite Technologies reached an important agreement during the third quarter of 2018. The handshake with Indocoin, created a strong link that opens the doors to a large niche market. Announcing that Vite Technologies and Indocoin jointly signed an MoU, a clear display of intentions was published. We clarify that, MoU is a memorandum of understanding (MOU, or MOU for its acronym in English of memorandum of understanding). Vite Technologies committed to the agreement to provide travel-sharing services in Indonesia and Southeast Asia; This agreement covers a large area in full population growth. As the icing on the cake, Vite will also support the initiatives of the Indonesian Government. In an approach of the Government of Indonesia towards digitalization, Vite Technologies takes positions.

In such a favorable framework for its activities, the Vite project will provide shared-rate services of international proportions. Vite will be launched in Mauritius during the first quarter of 2019, where it has already completed a Beta release. During the private Beta, 1,000 participants of the 11,000 people who registered in the first week tested the service. Once the smooth operation in Mauritius is established, a progressive expansion is expected. The goal is to provide a state-of-the-art service in dozens of cities in Africa, Asia and Europe.

The agreement with Goldford Fintech strengthens international fintech relations for Vitecoin

As part of an agreement reached just three months ago, Mr. Caspar Wong (CEO of Goldford Fintech) joined as an advisor to the Vite project. In a strategic agreement of great caliber, Mr. Wong became part of Vite’s international relations. Its main task is to promote the associations and the necessary support. Goldford Fintech is a company involved in technical development, acceleration of projects and community development. They are dedicated to identifying viable teams in global markets and strengthening them. Support is solid provided professional business strategies, integrated consultation and exposure to a solid network. The official announcement by Vite reads as follows:

Vite signs a strategic partnership with Goldford Fintech, Hong Kong.

A week ago, Vite signed a strategic partnership with Goldford Fintech for acceleration and incubation purposes. Vite Technologies November 10, 2018.

Summary of the advantages that the Vitecoin ecosystem implements

As detailed above, Vitecoin eliminates the hassle of carrying cash for payments. At the same time, it solves the limitations and charges of credit cards. On the other hand, and no less important … privacy is a current issue that has gained strength. In this way, the ecosystem devised for the demand of shared trips is friendly. Total respect for the privacy of users is a fact. This is how the core of Vite Technologies is transparent:

Users do not give up their personal data using Vitecoin. There is no manipulation of data from third parties unlike credit cards.

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