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This Indian startup was so good at GPU development Intel had to buy it

The experience in the development of SoCs Intel should help with its own graphics chips: The CPU manufacturer has taken over Ineda Systems, an Indian startup. Intel already has thousands of employees in India.

Intel has acquired Indian startup Ineda Systems, based in Hyderabad, for an unknown amount. The Times of India reports that the purchase has since been confirmed by Intel and Ineda Systems. About 100 employees change, and the previously leased office in Kondapur in the state of Telangana was bought.

Ineda Systems was founded in 2011 by Dasaradha ‘GD’ Gude, who previously worked for India as an AMD manager. The startup was funded by investors such as Cisco, Imagination Technologies, Samsung and Qualcomm, who together raised at least $ 36 million. In 2014, a first chip, the Dhanush – a so-called Wearable Processor Unit (WPU) appeared.

An startup studying autonomous driving

Meanwhile, the startup is increasingly committed to autonomous driving to Level 5, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Intel said on demand that the acquisition would lead to SoC experience, which should feed into the development of dedicated GPUs. The manufacturer already employs more than a thousand people in Bangladore. In November 2018, a delegation also visited Hyderabad to open a site there as well.

Intel is currently developing a dedicated graphics chip, the code name is Arctic Sound. In recent months and years, high-ranking engineers such as AMDs / Apple’s Jim Keller and Raja Koduri and marketing specialists such as AMD’s Chris Hook have been hired off. Also some former journalists like Damien Triolet ( or Ryan Shrout (PC Perspective) switched to Intel.

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