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Google will start suggesting users to use competitive products or services

It is not usual for a company to tell you to use competitive products or services. But Google will start doing it very soon.

The European Union accused the technological giant of taking advantage of the dominance of its operating system in mobile phones. Which is being used to promote the use of its search engine Google and its Chrome browser, leaving aside the competition. The company received a fine of US $ 2,700 million for monopoly of Android in 2017 and another of US $ 5,000 million for the same. After that the company has announced in its official blog the new measures it will take so that this situation is not repeated.

In the publication of April 18, Google explains that from the next few weeks, users of Android devices in Europe will see screens with several options to download different search engines and browsers when opening Google Play, instead of only Google and Chrome .

The Google blog includes an image in which we can see how the options on Google Play will be shown. We see in the image that in addition to Google and Google Chrome, rival products such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and DuckDuck Go appear.

Google explains that the recommendations will be displayed in random order and will vary from country to country depending on their popularity in each territory.

Paul Gennai, director of product management at Google, said in the blog that, these new screens will be shown the first time a user opens Google Play after receiving an update. New suggestions will begin to appear in the coming weeks for existing and new Android phone users across Europe.

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