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Fintech Mexico Law: In search of new markets, the United Kingdom looks to Mexico

The new regulatory framework of the Mexican fintech industry is generating noise. Other Latin American countries follow its implementation closely, looking for clues for their development at home, while local enterprises are quick to comply with the regulations that will come into force in the coming days. And for potential…

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Spain is leading the fintech world together with the United Kingdom

In Spain, banks and savings banks have adapted financial technology and big tech faster than their European competitors. That country leads the fintech world together with the United Kingdom. The article signed by Stefanie Müller, pointed out that in 2012 banks and Spanish savings banks were in the spotlight all…

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How each country is managing the digital transformation of financial services

Since its appearance in the USA and the United Kingdom about 10 years ago, new financial technologies have spread around the world. Now, after years of proliferation, countries around the world are beginning to see their fintech industries mature. In addition, we continue to attend the birth of new hubs…

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How startups and fintechs in the European Union feel about Brexit

Anyone listening in on the start-up scene, for example, not only regrets the departure of the British, often also hears the sound of joy. For example, Julian Grigo, who is responsible for financial services at the digital association Bitkom, is now allowed to call his phone more often to explain…

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Five fintech of the United Kingdom that millennials are loving

Revolut, Monzo, Starling, Atom and TransferWise are part of a new generation of financial businesses that operate exclusively through mobile and have become indispensable for young British people. In London, it’s becoming weird to see a Millennial pay for a flat white, the trendy café in the city, with a…

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“IATA pay”: new method of payment for airline tickets

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) concluded the first purchase transaction of airline tickets through a new payment system: “IATA Pay”. The transaction was carried out in partnership with ipagoo, a fintech company based in the United Kingdom. IATA noted that this new payment method is an industry-backed initiative to…

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