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How each country is managing the digital transformation of financial services

Since its appearance in the USA and the United Kingdom about 10 years ago, new financial technologies have spread around the world. Now, after years of proliferation, countries around the world are beginning to see their fintech industries mature. In addition, we continue to attend the birth of new hubs for fintech around the world. This indicates that the ecosystem is still far from being fully developed.

The fact that many new players are adding to this transformation also suggests that attention is gradually moving away from the more advanced countries, where the fintech has already matured, and that investors are seeing the potential of younger markets, still without exploding.

The expansion of fintech can be measured with great precision

If we look at its hubs (cities where new companies are concentrated, talent and financing), which are proliferating worldwide while the evolution of financial services continues. All these regions are competing to become centers of cutting-edge technology in their own right, and want to contribute to the great ecosystem of financial services of the future. Its success depends on a number of factors, including access to finance and talent, as well as the focus of regulators in each case.

There are  several keys to fintech globally and explains where it is beginning to mature and where it is entering the scene. Here is an overview of the financial technology industry in several countries, and details what is contributing to its future development or hampering it.

Other countries

In addition to the USA and the United Kingdom, there are many other countries that are developing advanced technology centers. Australia, Switzerland and China, which are described in this report, have managed to take advantage of their stable financial centers in Sydney, Zurich and Shanghai, respectively, to stimulate the development of financial technology and attract financing.

There are also a number of fintech emerging markets, including Brazil, Israel and Canada, which are likely to play an important role in the global fintech ecosystem in the future. These countries have newly created but rapidly developing hubs, as well as favorable legislation, which could help them to consolidate a strong position on a global scale.

It is likely that many of these hubs end up transforming into large Fintech companies

This could force investors to be increasingly alert to opportunities in new markets, leading to fintech financing to diversify further in the future, especially outside the United Kingdom and the United States.

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