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Take this financial advice from a startup

“Plan everything in advance” – Crowdfunding Tips from Chocolate3

Chocolate3 shows how chocolate and 3D printing can be innovatively united. The confectioner master Benedikt Daschner brings personalized chocolate with specially developed 3D printers. A crowdfunding campaign was at the beginning of his startup. How he has benefited from the campaign, what tips he has for other project starters and what is pending soon you will learn in an interview.

Many crowdfunding campaigns focus on financing or market testing or marketing. How was that with you, Benedict?

We were told regularly before that we do not need to reckon with a lot of money left over. The most exciting thing was ultimately the advertising effect and the so-called, feeling for the customer ‘. Nevertheless, at Chocolate3 a few euros left over. In addition, video, pictures and texts are not gone afterwards.

“Take with what you get advice!”

How did you prepare for the campaign and where did you find good support?

Anyone who has another Funder in the circle of acquaintances should definitely stick to it. In my opinion, nothing replaces the experience of a campaign! The crowdfunding breakfast was above all a source of motivation for us, a place to socialize and an ingenious source of inspiration. Take with what you can get advice! If you hear something more often, there is usually something in it (even if you think you know better). And in the end you just do what suits you! “Plan everything in advance”

What was the most helpful tip you received in the preparation of the campaign?

Plan everything in advance. I did not want to believe it either, but it’s a lot easier if, for example, the Facebook posts are already done and you already know when and where what appears.

What would you recommend to other founders who are considering launching a crowdfunding campaign?

Makes it! Even if it does not work with the funding target, you will end up finding it worthwhile.

How did you benefit from the crowdfunding funding provided by the City of Munich?

Through the promotion, we were able to realize a professional video for which we still get a lot of praise. Otherwise we would have saved at this point certainly. The special – and really brilliant – is that you get the money before that. So you do not have to finance it for once and you have the possibility to really achieve something even with a limited budget.

Does Chocolate3 also have 3D printers soon? What sustainable effects did the campaign have? And how are you now?

Customers are still attracted to us through the crowdfunding site, and a successful campaign is also well received in general communication. At the moment we are expanding our marketing and developing further. It is also planned to sell the printer by the end of the year – perhaps with another crowdfunding campaign?

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