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Ten things that you can not stop doing with your Android as soon as you discover them

The battle of the ‘smartphones’ is between iOS and Android. Many prefer Apple phones for their exclusivity. Android has a pull for the variety of models and prices that brands offer with it. In addition, the operating system of the green robot has little-known utilities.

Radars, cache memory, use of ‘apps’ … You have to be aware. Therefore, we talk about a series of tricks; that will improve your user experience and that will make you not to surrender to Apple products.

Moving from Android to iOS (and vice versa) is still a nightmare. How to do it step by step, M. Mcloughlin I have had to change the operating system in recent months. Although there are ‘apps’ to do the dirty work, there are still a few black holes to solve.

YouTube: play music without the ‘app’ open

How many people will not use their mobile to watch the video clips of the moment? The interviews of David Broncano, in ‘La Resistencia’ or the links they share with them on WhatsApp. And need access to YouTube. However, you can not have a video that plays in the background while you perform other tasks with your mobile. And we say “in principle”, because fortunately this can change. We are not talking about hiring YouTube Music.

You need to install Firefox for Android. Once done, open the browser and click on three points of the menu on the right of URL bar. Thereafetr, click on ‘Add-ons’ and enter ‘Browse all add-ons for Firefox’. In the magnifying glass of ‘Search complements’, type Video Background Play Fix. Thich is the extension that allows you to play YouTube in the background.

Now, go to YouTube in the browser and play the video you want. The broadcast will begin. You will see a notification to pause the video on top bar whenever you want, while browsing other applications.

Wipe cache

The cache memory in which processes are stored recently, can be a nuisance for the phone. There are applications that, once downloaded, promise to empty the cache. This makes the terminal perform again. It does not need much (and can be counterproductive).

If some ‘apps’ does not work well, and may be due to the cache; before uninstalling it, simply go to the Applications menu and search for it. Inside said ‘app’, in the option ‘Storage’, choose ‘Clear cache’. Solved!

Spotify as alarm

We are going to make our Android more fun and have a very different alarm than those that are predefined. To do this, let’s integrate it with Spotify. But how?

We have to recover the Google Clock application, which we have already talked about to adapt your routines and which is installed by default; In case your model does not have it (or is outdated), you only have to download it from the Play Store. You open it and go to the alarm section. You create a new one (in the + sign that appears below) or you display the arrow of one of the predetermined ones or those that you have already created in the past. You will see that, below the days of the week, the option to change the tone appears. If you click on it and you have not yet downloaded Spotify Music, it’s time to do it from Google Play.

Once linked with Spotify, choose the song you want to use as a tune to wake you up. We hope that, from now on, do not hate it as the phone’s default tones.

Use your mobile as a webcam

As you hear it. If you do not have a camera on your Windows computer, it is possible to do Skype and as long as they see your face. You only need that the computer and the Android phone share the same wifi (you can also do it with a USB cable, but it will be more cumbersome). Once this is done, it’s time to visit the Play Store again to download DroidCam Wireless Webcam.

When you install it, and after giving the permissions of camera and microphone, in the computer we access the web, in which we will download the ‘drivers’ for Windows or Linux, which must be downloaded and unzipped. After that, open the ‘app’ and follow all the steps it asks for. Pay attention to the IP address of the application, because you must enter it in the computer program so that the set works.

Recover deleted files

Drama! You deleted some photos believing that you had uploaded them to the cloud and it turns out that you were wrong? Do not worry. On Android, it is possible to find them. Of course, you have to give yourself something in a hurry … and install another application.

Recovery Applications

The Play Store is full of these applications to recover images. Not only that, but also other types of files. Among them, we can recommend Dumpster. But beware, as it only works once we have downloaded it.  It will not recover everything that you have deleted before and you will need to have it permanently installed to continue recovering files. The reason is that it works like the recycle bin of the computer. It saves everything we deleted. It offers services in the cloud to save what you want.

From the keyboard of the Android messaging ‘apps’, you can easily access the autocorrect and predictive text options.

Another option is the ‘app’ Recover deleted images, which does track all the internal storage and SD cards of your terminal. After that, it warns us of the images found (also of those that have not yet been erased) and gives us the option to recover them all. The developer, GreatStuffApps, has other applications to recover images or contacts that may interest you.

The key is that the space that you have used those images deleted by mistake has not been occupied by other files. If you have filled in when you go to the search and capture, you can not make them.

The other way to recover the photos, is to look in the gallery if you have any option of recycling bin. This depends on the model of the phone. It keeps the photos removed from the reel, for a few days, so you must also hurry to get them back.

Hide photos from the gallery

You may also lend someone’s phone to gossip your gallery and you do not want them to see the photos that have happened to you on WhatsApp or the screenshots you’ve made. To do this, you can hide folders.

There is a simple way to do it. Access the gallery in settings and hide the folders already created.

Add radar data to Google Maps

Although the main advice is that you always respect the speed limits, you may want to know where the radars on Spanish roads are located. You can integrate them in Google Maps, better than better.

To add the radars, you must first find a reliable list of them, since there is no official one. This list must have a .csv, .xlsx, .kml or .gpx extension for integration. After downloading, go to Google Maps. Enter your sites  clicking on the three stripes on the left. After that, select the option ‘Maps’ then click on ‘Create map’. If you do it from the computer, a new tab will open, with a map to which you must name and in which there is already a layer; In this layer you will upload the map downloaded before. To do this, click on ‘Import’ and look for your file (it can not be compressed and must have the file extensions that we have told you). You can upload one or several radar files, which would be in the same layer.

You can do this operation from a computer (which may be more comfortable) or from your mobile. In any case, once loaded the radars, you can use them without problems from the Android phone where you have synchronized the ‘app’ with your Google account. You have to follow the same itinerary: go to the three stripes, click on ‘My Places’ and then on ‘Maps’.

Turn off ‘apps’ updates

Maybe I miss this trick. In general, it’s fine to have the automatic updates for the installed apps, but they may jump at the worst moment, just when you’re using the phone. There is a simple trick to avoid it.

For this we go to the Play Store and we go to the three stripes on the left. In the menu that is displayed, we go to ‘Settings’. Above, we find the option ‘Update applications automatically’. If we click on it, there are three options: update in any network, only for wifi or not update automatically. We select the latter.

In the future, remember that you have programmed this option, so you would have to enter the Play Store again in order to make manual updates (or return to the status of automatic updates). To do this, go back to the three lines and click on ‘My apps and games’. You will access all you have installed (including Collection, where you can find all the history of uninstalled) and you will see which ones need an update.

Change the volume of each service

It’s hard for you to hear the person who just called you and turn up the volume. After a while, you shake when you hear WhatsApp notification. Then, you upload the YouTube volume to better listen to a video and when they call you again, the sound is very loud. And the next day, when the alarm goes off, you wake up the whole neighborhood. Is there any way to manage the volume?

Yes, and it’s very simple. There are two forms, one long and the other short. The long one is to go to Settings or Settings and look for the Sounds menu; when accessing it, we can manage as we wish the volume of multimedia, alarm and tone. The short is to press the side volume button; in doing so, we will get a menu to modulate a type of sound. If we give the arrow, the rest of the sounds will be displayed, which we can adjust without having to dive between menus.

How to hide SMS

If you are one of those people who receive short messages (club offers to which you belong, security codes to access online accounts), you may wish to add a security bonus to the SMS folder.

To do this, you must download SMS Block. Once installed, open it and set the pattern with which you want to block this or other messaging applications (you can also do it with Messenger or Hangouts, for example). You have a configuration menu at the top right (on the cogwheel) to change the pattern whenever you want.

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