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The company that sell used games “Robot Cache”: Now have 700 games and lowest transaction fees ever on a PC gaming distribution platform

Robot Cache recruits more publishers and studios.

Only a few days ago, Epic Games (“Fortnite”, Unreal Technology) announced its own distribution platform, the Epic Games Store, which allows game publishers a significantly higher share of revenue than market leader Steam. Similar to Appstore operators such as Apple and Google, Steam provider Valve retains around 30 per cent as commission; Epic Games wants to limit itself to a maximum of 12 per cent.

Now the US startup Robot Cache presents another offer. In contrast to competitors like Steam, and Epic Games, the company relies on several unique selling points:

Robot Cache promises developers and publishers the “lowest transaction fees ever on a PC gaming distribution platform”: partners can retain 95 percent of the purchase price, and Robot Cache settles for 5 percent commission. Games are not purchased in euros or dollars, but with the platform’s own currency “IRON”, comparable to FUT points at “FIFA 19”. In contrast to classic cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, IRON is not traded on online exchanges, so the price and thus the value remains stable. Players can resell “used” games and get 25% of the purchase price credited to IRON. In addition to the player, the game developer also gets a share. The rights management is based on the blockchain technology, which should largely rule out abuse.

On a voluntary basis, each player within the software can decide whether to provide computing power for cryptocurrency calculation (“mining”). The “scrapped” proceeds are paid out in IRON and can be used to buy games and virtual goods.

Robot Cache: More than 700 games to choose from

The acceptance and sustainability of Robot Cache naturally depend on the games that are offered there. Initially, the platform will list more than 700 games from 23 publishers, including titles from 505 Games, Bigben Interactive, CI Games, Paradox Interactive and Microids. With Headup Games (Düren), Libredia (Seligenstadt) and THQ Nordic (Vienna), there are also three publishers from the German-speaking countries from the start.

As of today, Robot Cache is actively promoting additional partners: A newly established partner portal enables the registration, the uploading of the game software including marketing and PR materials as well as the evaluation and reporting. Soon the platform will go into trial operation – registration for the “early access” phase is still possible.

One of the founders of the Robot Cache is Brian Fargo, who has written computer games history with Interplay (“Bard’s Tale”, “Wasteland”) and inXile Entertainment. With Atari founder Nolan Bushnell sits another game legend in the Robot Cache Advisory Board.

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