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The most outstanding technological news of the week

Google + Startups

Google is looking for the 10 best startups in Latin America to boost them: how to register. Google opened the call for the second edition of Launchpad Accelerator for startups in Latin America, a program that will select the 10 best ventures to help them create attractive, scalable and impactful products and technologies, and reach their full potential.

Harley-Davidson will manufacture electric bicycles

Yes, it will manufacture electric bicycles. The electric bicycles sector is growing and, judging by the participants entering the game, it is an unstoppable trend that will bring together companies of all kinds. Harley-Davidson is the last to confirm that it will manufacture electric bicycles, joining an increasingly disputed segment.

Review Devolo 1200+ WiFi Starter Kit

What options are there if it is impossible to perform Ethernet wiring or if the Wi-Fi repeater does not reach? The best alternative, even before evaluating these two solutions, is to opt for Powerline (PLC) technology, which uses the conventional power grid to bring the internet to any room in the house.

What is Netflix  up to?

Netflix will add a key function to know the premieres from the TV and consoles. Netflix is clear that bringing the cinema experience to homes is one of its missions. Hence, he decided to add the tab Soon to his app for Smart TV, something that was already available for Android users.

Other news on Google, Spotify and more

Google Go, now for everyone: 40% savings on data and a translator on the camera that can read aloud. Google made available to all Android users Google Go, a lighter version of its app that saves up to 40% in data. It also has Lens, a function for the camera that includes a translator capable of reading aloud what it “reads”.

YouTube set a date for anyone to access their series and movies: what benefits does being a Premium member have? It was known that YouTube Originals content will be available for free to all YouTube users, although the display will include advertising. Since when and which? In principle, those that are released from September 24, although the idea is to offer all the previous material gradually.

Google Home Mini and Chromecast officially reach more Latin American countries. Assistance through voice commands and entertainment are two of the main features offered by Google Home Mini and Chromecast, devices that Google officially took to various Latin American countries.

Goodbye treats and desserts: Android gets boring and will now use numbers to identify its versions. Google decided that 10 years of candy and desserts were enough to name Android. From now on, the mobile operating system will go to numbers to identify the versions. They will start with Android Q, which will be Android 10, dry.

Spotify increased the number of months free to try the Premium service. Spotify took from one to three the number of months that users can try their Premium service for free. The measure puts her in a better position to compete with Apple Music, which offers three months of free trial.

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