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Top 3 Paraphrasing Tools For Students In 2022

As a student, do you need a hand with your assignments? In 2022, paraphrasing tools come to the rescue!

When one writes an academic piece, one must concentrate on conveying quotes, authors, literary research, etc., in the best way. Consequently, a student can’t relax while working on an assignment. For that reason, we decided to share an asset scholars can use to make the essay-writing task easier for them.

Paraphrasing tools can be practical widgets to academic writing. They express texts in new ways to avoid duplication and plagiarism. With them, students don’t have to be constantly alert with their writing. Still, rewriting tools must be used wisely.

Therefore, these rewording and re-structuring gadgets can be your ally when working on your school assessments. So if you want to know our top 3 paraphrasing tools for students in 2022, keep reading!


Plaraphy is a software that uses AI technology to find innovative methods to free your work from plagiarism. Among them are a synonyms scale, the opportunity to choose the proper word yourself if you’re unhappy with the output and three modes (standard, fluent, and creative). All of it is to help you with the rewriting.

Plaraphy will paraphrase your text materials in seconds. No matter if they are an essay, paper, or dissertation. Take advantage of its free plan, which allows you to create human-quality content with up to 500-character text blocks for every request and ten requests per month.


The rewriting tool from Ref-N-Write includes a powerful AI engine designed for academic writing, making it one of the finest paraphrase tools on the market to avoid academic plagiarism. It allows users to rework paragraphs with a single click and lets them rewrite lines independently.

Thus, Ref-N-Write is one of the best research tools available for students and academics. Its tools round out the academic phrase bank and paraphrasing to provide scholars with a collection of resources. Plus, it also works as a grammar checker.

Total Assignment Help

Total Assignment Help has developed a high-level AI-powered paraphrase online tool that efficiently rewords into flawless scholarly language. Its distinguishing characteristics include extensive use of academic and similar terminology, accessibility from any device, and zero-plagiarism assurance.

Total Assignment Help can provide you with high-quality work within seconds. Although it is currently only available in English, it is still a useful tool for students. It can instruct students on sentence construction as well as proper paraphrasing techniques.

Are you ready to create First-Class Honours assessments? This 2022 try these paraphrasing tools for students!

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