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Free AI Voice Generators With Different English Accents

Do you want to explore different English accents? Check out these free AI voice generators!

By now we already know that voice generation goes hand in hand with text to speech (TTS) technology. TTS can transform any text-based material into uttered discourse or audio. As a result, you can listen to content aloud in various languages and maybe even accents.

In most countries, there are citizens that speak the English language. Regardless of all those miscellaneous sounds they generate, most of the time we are only given the chance of hearing one or two types of English

Free AI Voice Generators With Different English Accents

That’s why we made the decision to talk about AI text to voice tools that come with a better speech synthesis to keep in mind. Here are free AI voice generators that let you appreciate different English accents:


Free AI Voice Generators With Different English Accents

With the help of artificial intelligence, Woord generates realistic voices in multiple languages and dialects. So if you want to enjoy different English accents, doing it with this tool is a piece of cake. You can choose between the US, UK, Australia and India pronunciations across diverse gendered (male, female or neutral) speakers.

Moreover, you can further customise the speaker’s audio and phonemes with features like the SSML editor. If you want a comprehensive English speech experience, check out Woord. It gives you two audios and 20,000 characters each month for free.

Azure Microsoft

Free AI Voice Generators With Different English Accents

Azure Microsoft is a service that turns text into outstanding lifelike voices. You may pick from 270 spokespeople in 119 languages and dialects. For English, you can find the US, UK, Tanzania, South Africa, Singapore, Philippines, Nigeria, New Zealand, Kenya, Ireland, India, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia.

In addition, you can adjust the rate, tone, pronunciation, pauses, and so on to your taste. Hence, Azure Microsoft wants you to access any speaking style and emotional tone you need. There may be feature restrictions with the free plan. It does, however, allow for 0.5 million characters and 5 hours of audio every month.

Free TTS

Free AI Voice Generators With Different English Accents

With the help of Google Machine Learning, Free TTS also has high-quality audio. This web-based software supports around 25 languages, one to four voices each. To the English language, this tool dedicates five accents: American, British, Indian, Australian and Welsh.

Therefore, Free TTS can be a good choice to listen to distinctive English accents. Aside from converting up to 6,000 characters of text into audio per week and 5,000 characters per request. Plus, its user interface is simple and does not require registration.

Which English accent are you looking forward to hearing? Let us know in the comments!

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