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Top 5 Email Marketing Tools for Grocery Stores

It’s hard to think of a more important type of store than your grocery. Despite our interests, where we live or what we do, some of us will go to grocery stores at least twice a month.  With such a big client base and data that’s always coming back and buying supplies, grocery stores are placed on a gold mine of client data to power their online marketing.

And data is more than powerful in amalgamation with your email marketing campaign. The issue, nevertheless, is that most grocery stores owners don’t know how to completely take advantage of the potential of email marketing. Many don’t even do email marketing at all. 

As a grocery store owner, you want to have direct communication with your current and future clients.  Either you’re promoting a sale, announcing a new product on your store, or have any other messages to tell, you’ll want to be able to let your clients know. 

To reach this, grocery store online marketing has common trust on instruments like exterior advertising, flyers, and print brochures. While these instruments are able to get the message out, their essence means that you’re throwing away their advertising dollars on recruiting the wrong people. 

Email, on the flip side, allows for personalized, customized, targeted communication with clients, letting you send the right email to the right individual. This makes email a much practical instrument both in terms of giving a direct way of communication and return on investment for grocery stores owners. 

If you have a restaurant and you want to start an email marketing campaign as soon as possible, here’s the top 5 Email Marketing Software for your Grocery Stor


Postr is one of the best email marketing software that comes with content ready, responsive Free email templates that look great in all major email clients. It’s also a web-based application that works in most web browsers, which means the client doesn’t need to download or install any software on their computer. 

They say that “the foundation of great marketing is a clean, up-to-date record of your contacts, also known as your audience”. So if you create a Postr account, the company will use your setup details to automatically generate your audience for your restaurant. You can edit the default information for your audience if you need to, or immediately start adding contacts.

This is really complete email marketing software that allows a restaurant to send emails announcing re-openings, a new franchise, new specials, extra dishes to the menu, etc. You’ll be able to easily customize these pre-designed responsive templates as you want according to the requirements of your marketing campaign.

Postr is also committed to protect their client’s privacy. The company collects information about the customers to enable them to process orders, improve their site, and provide better services. Postr have worked hard to meet his obligations as a processor under Article 28 of GDPR and the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield frameworks.


EmailOctopus is a simple email marketing tool that runs on the Amazon SES infrastructure. While the free plan doesn’t offer as many features as some of the other free email marketing tools on this list, it does allow a lot more emails per month than most of them.

You can send out unlimited emails from as many email addresses as you like. This makes it the perfect solution for a small agency or entrepreneur representing other brands. It also integrates with third-party apps so you can seamlessly exchange client data among different platforms.


Ontraport offers a full platform of marketing automation networks including ecommerce functionality for companies with online stores.

Ontraport’s visual campaign builder lets you create specific campaigns for audience engagement. You can build a campaign from the beginning or go into the marketplace where they give you dozens of the most usual marketing campaigns to pick from, including cart nurturing or webinar sign-up and follow-up.

The platform also provides insight into reports so you can win insight into your pipeline, traffic sources, and conversion rates.


AWeber has a wide variety of features like the autoresponder that sends a string of automatically delivered messages.

AWeber also provides segmentation of customers, which is based on their actions.

You can send newsletters that have a professional look using AWeber. This email marketing tool has built 3 mobile applications to provide more ease in the email marketing world. What you will like best about Aweber is that you can segment your content to different lists with different interests within your marketplace.

You will be able to set up autoresponders for each of your client programs as well as freemium offers. 


This is an email marketing solution designed to simplify email campaigns and drive your business to success. Integrate your lead generation form, contact form, or signup form with SendGrid to automatically sync new contact information to your SendGrid contact lists.

This all-in-one transactional and marketing email solution that appeals to both developers and marketers. Very easy to integrate API triggers into external sites/apps and also easy to integrate with 3rd party marketing stack providers.

A full suite of solutions from managing marketing lists to creating campaigns or transactional triggers. The metrics are very expandable, you can view your open rate, clicks, and unsubscribes all in one screen.

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