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Top API To Know The Air Pollution

The air pollution that industries are emitting is damaging the world. Do not be that kind of company and reduce your impact with this API.

Today our world is witnessing preoccupying actions that are taking over it. Industries and companies are making it weaker by emitting toxic gasses for life on earth. This affects animals, planets, and humans. 

If we continue on this track our world will keep getting worse. Climatic change will increase, animals will die by the second, and the green areas of the planet will deteriorate even more. Therefore, it is time for companies to work with tools like Carbon API that helps them know how much air pollution they are responsible for.

Top API To Know The Air Pollution

Environmental Contamination & Air Pollution

When physical, chemical, biological, or a mix of these agents are present in the environment that endangers human health, public safety, or the environment;  we’re talking about environmental contamination. According to the World Health Organization, changes that are harmful to the health of living things and natural resources are typically referred to as air pollution.

Air pollution is the presence of one or more components with specific properties, and a predetermined permanence in the atmosphere these substances may include dust, fumes, smells, or steam.

According to the WHO, air pollution, although invisible, can be deadly. It is the cause of:

  • Around 25% of deaths from heart disease
  • Approximately 34% of deaths from strokes
  • Also, 36% of deaths from lung cancer

Industries With The Worse Impact:

  • The oil business is clearly one of the most polluting sectors on the planet.  The oil refining process or the burning of fossil fuels is responsible for approximately a quarter of CO2 emissions.
  • According to the UN, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world and, together with the oil industry, one of the businesses with the most influence on the environment. In total, 1,200 tons of gases are released during the production and distribution of clothing.
  • And more. 

Evidently, air pollution is extremely damaging. Industries and sectors must start making a change.  While they can’t stop their production they can find better are more sustainable matters to carry them out.  A great way to start is by taking awareness of their own air pollutants with Carbon API. 

Carbon API

Carbon API is one of the best application programming interfaces to help reduce the constant damage our world is going through. This tool promotes sustainability and offers companies an easy way to calculate their carbon emissions. In consequence, industries are able to reduce harmful emissions that contribute to air pollution.

Essentially, this is a carbon calculator API that measures all of the information related to the carbon footprint corporations are responsible for. Thus, by obtaining these pieces of data, they are able to track what are the most harmful activities to the climate conducted by the different aspects of their enterprise.

Furthermore, Carbon API users can access a detailed dashboard that relays every piece of data they might need to know to be informed about their carbon footprint.

Let’s be part of the change to help reduce air pollution through emissions!

Top API To Know The Air Pollution

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