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Top Benefits Of Adding APIs For Commodities Prices To Your Projects

Do you know you can get benefits from using commodities rates API in your projects? Check that one API that fits with your own project with these three options of commodities prices API! Read below!

As far we know, commodities exchanges play an important role in the international business. Recognizing what motivates industry trends is crucial for designing national policies that support the economic goals of sustainable growth, inflation stability, poverty reduction, food security, and combating climate change.

In that way, commercial items are identical, and under that broad description, a wide range of goods for which users don’t care about the brand could potentially qualify as commodities. That´s why, many funds usually have a narrower perspective, alluding to a restricted group of essential items that are in high need around the world. Numerous goods on which re – investment their bets are raw ingredients for manufacturing final items.

Commodities are classified into two types by investors: hard and soft. Metals such as bullion, bronze, and iron, as well as energy goods such as crude oil, natural gas, and unleaded gasoline, need mining or drilling. Soft commodities are agricultural products such as corn, wheat, soybeans, and livestock.

But How Does One Invest In Commodities? Commodities can be invested in four ways:

  • Trading in the commodity straightforwardly.
  • Investing in resource futures contracts.
  • Investing in commodities-focused exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
  • Purchasing equity in commodity-producing enterprises.

By using APIs for this type of task, you can also benefit your company with various factors, such as the following:

  • Shared Information
  • Automate Actions
  • Better Customer Services
  • Innovation

That´s why many software programs can help you with these tasks. The three options of diverse API for commodity data below can provided you with the latest’s commodities prices on the chart of the market.  In addition, this platforms can also be integrated in your website project, if that´s what you´re looking for.


Commodities-API It’s a business API that displays commodities prices such as wheat, rice, coffee, and sugar. Examine the homepage, receive an API key, and then choose the proper currency and commodity to obtain information. That’s all there is to it, and you can use the API however you see suitable. From a collection of approximately 170 possibilities, the Commodities-API may offer data in any currency, to two decimal degrees. People can make up to ten thousand API calls each month and receive updates every 60 seconds.


Barchart, a renowned provider of economic information solutions to financial, entertainment, and commodities organizations, was among the first to provide business and contractual data stream. Barchart’s diverse costumer camp procedures are energized by its specialized facts, new tech, and devices methods, from the enterprise end to the central axis, despite the fact that its media organizations provide internet-based data, news, and publications to assist budgetary and sector advisors in attempting to make decisions.

Trading Economics

Trading Economics also provides information on bonds, index funds, asset prices, and currency translation rates. Furthermore, basic capital is now provided to a greater number of firms. Users can quickly access information by using an application programming interface (API), which is accessible in various computer languages. Users can use API to browse an earnings calendar, download millions of rows of historical data, and subscribe to real-time quotes from a variety of global economic markets.

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