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Use The IP Geolocation API To Find The Region Of Your Customers

Are you looking for more information about your customers? Do you want to know where they are located? Would you like to know the cities in which there are more clients? If the answers to these 3 questions are yes, then this is the ideal article for you. I recommend you to read it as it will be of great help to you.

Nowadays there is information everywhere. We can use it to make business decisions, for example, or to create personalized content for customers. They, on a daily basis, tell us a lot of things that can be used as input. 

Knowing them, knowing where they are located, where they are grouped in geographical areas can help us a lot. And being able to obtain all this information is really very simple. You just have to add an API to your website. What this API has to do is to be able to track the IP address of the different users. Then, with the IP address, you can access information really quickly.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An interface is a way two applications or services communicate with each other. They can do this by exposing the other applications with the set of services available to each other. And also how they should be accessed.

The benefits of APIs are really quite varied because they allow you to use the benefits of other software or take advantage of the infrastructures of other platforms.

How Implement It?

One of the APIs that allows you to locate the IP address of visitors is called ipXapi. In my opinion and after thorough research I have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best on the market today.

It provides very precise, accurate and reliable information. To try it out you just have to log on to and register. However, with that user, you can test or implement a non-commercial use of the tool. If you are looking to implement it on your business site you can access one of the 3 plans available. They have different features depending on the needs of customers.

To sum up, the IpXapi database and API are integrated with a number of large ISPs. Also, they constantly provide information on new and existing IP ranges. And the data is really very accurate.  Because the ipXapi database and API are integrated with a number of large ISPs that constantly provide information on new and existing IP ranges, we are proud to offer a very high level of IP data accuracy.

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